The "Stand of Heroes" Foundation commenced its operations in August 2022. The primary objective of the organization is to provide systematic support to the families of football enthusiasts who perished in the conflict with russia.

Since its inception, the foundation swiftly became a noteworthy entity in the realm of sports, unifying all components of contemporary Ukrainian football into a cohesive and extensive football community. Throughout its existence, the "Stand of Heroes" Foundation has comprehensively aided federations, clubs, coaches, players, officials, journalists, and agents.

Presently, the foundation's program encompasses 178 families who are beneficiaries of systematic financial, legal, or social assistance.

Financial support

The "Stand of Heroes" foundation pays monthly financial aid to the families of fallen fans
25 190 000 UAH
Transferred to the families of the deceased fans starting in August 2022 in the form of monthly payments
Legal support
Since the inception of the "Stand of Heroes" Foundation, its legal team has assisted 23 families in obtaining state aid, totaling 345,000,000 UAH. In each individual case, the foundation provided legal support, which involved consultations and assistance in the preparation and submission of documents.
* From August 2022 to May 2024, the foundation received over 220 inquiries for legal consultations on various matters. More than 175 requests were successfully addressed, with all remaining inquiries currently in the process of resolution.
Perpetuation of memory
116 detailed obituaries
Telling about what a person was like, how he lived and how he died is the perpetuation of his memory. That's why we collect life details, stories, facts, videos and photos about the deceased among friends, relatives and relatives. To create these stories, preserve this memory and spread the word about the Heroes' exploits.
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Youtube channel with films about the fallen
The stories of fallen fans are more alive in video stories, where we tell the stories of heroes in communication with families and friends, in important and iconic places.

In the format of a small film, the memory of the deceased acquires a deeper meaning than the text in the obituary.

This is a valuable memorial project primarily for families, but the general audience is also more willing to get acquainted with the stories of defenders in video format.
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Memorial publications in partnership with
The Foundation works to spread the stories of the victims in as many directions and formats as possible. One such partnership is with As part of this partnership, another look at, aimed at a wide sports audience, is delivered.
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UPL memory matches
Previously, fans supported their favorite teams in the stands, and now football clubs pay tribute to those who will forever remain in the "Stand of Heroes."

The foundation, in collaboration with the UPL clubs, organized a series of memorial matches and tours to remember the heroic deeds of individuals in the war.
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Memorial plaques at Kharkiv schools
Another significant project of the "Stand of Heroes" Foundation is the initiative to install 16 memorial plaques honoring deceased football fans in schools in Kharkiv.

This project also makes a substantial contribution to one of the foundation's primary goals - preserving the memory of those members of the Football Family who sacrificed their lives in the war.
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The "Stand of Heroes" Foundation expresses gratitude to everyone who has contributed to supporting the Football Family. We appreciate donations and systematic financial assistance, informational backing, and assistance in organizing crucial social and memorial projects.

The foundation's achievements are a result of your contribution as well. In these challenging times, we have united for a common purpose and will continue to support those close to us, those who have defended us.
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Our goal is not to forget their sacrifice and contribution to our freedom, taking care of the families of those who will forever stand on the Stand of Heroes.